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In the season 2016-2017 the club will have classes in Aurora, Newmarket, and Bradford, Ontario, Canada. We train at schools and community centres.

All classes begin with a warm-up which consists of running, skipping, stretching, racquet games, and other fun and strengthening activities. Warm-up is followed by drills which cover all kinds of badminton shots, footwork, and strategy required in the game.

Our Coaching Team:

Masha Zakharenkova, Julia Rositsan, and Yuriy Brozdnychenko have years of badminton playing and coaching experience, and  are great enthusiasts of the club. They always look for new and innovative ways of coaching and continuously work on their professional development by participating in Canadian National Coaching Certification Program as well as other coaching clinics. They support Long-Term Athlete Development Program and incorporate all its elements into weekly classes. In addition to coaching they educate their athletes on the importance of badminton ethics and good sportsmanship.

Masha Zakharenkova, Favourite Badminton Club’s head coach has always been an active member of badminton community. She organized multiple badminton tournaments for adults and children, was a Board Member of Georgian Bay District Badminton Association (GBDBA), the Director of Finance at Badminton Ontario, a Head Coach of the district at the Ontario Winter Games 2014, and much more. Masha is an NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level II Badminton Coach and a former Badminton Course Conductor for the NCCP Level I.

Favourite Badminton Club is proud of having a great teenage team of athletes who help with younger kids’ coaching. Our junior coaches are: Charlotte Kromberg, Ben Rositsan, and Joshua Ing. Thanks to these individuals, our junior players are becoming active and strong at a very young age. They also learn basic athletic skills that later help them develop badminton skills throughout the long-term athlete development program.

Favourite Badminton is the club affiliated with Badminton Ontario. Affiliation allows club’s players to participate in all local, Ontario, and Canadian badminton tournaments. 

All provincial and Canadian tournament information that Favourite Badminton Club is aware of is regularly posted on the club’s web-site. The comprehensive Badminton Calendar is also added to our club’s web-site for your convenience. It is updated on a regular basis and contains information on our classes and upcoming tournaments.

For more information about the club, please contact us directly.

Favourite Badminton Club

Favourite Badminton Club