Favourite Badminton ClubIt is hard to believe that it has been five years since Favourite Badminton Club started coaching its first students!

We achieved a lot! Here are some of the highlights from our club’s five-year history:

  • All three of our coaches, Julia Rositsan, Yuriy Brozdnychenko, and Masha Zakharenkova, got their NCCP level 1 coaching certification. Masha Zakharenkova went even further and completed her second level of NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program). This additional qualification gave her the opportunity to lead the District’s team in a role of a Head Coach at the Ontario Winter Games 2014. In addition to that, Masha completed her NCCP Level 1 Course conductor certification, which allowed her to coach and share the knowledge of the game with other, future badminton coaches.
  • Most of the students at Favourite have never had any badminton training prior to joining our club. We started with basics with every single one of them and are proud to share club’s achievements after five long, fun, and full of hard work years:
    • Two of our students qualified for the Ontario Winter Games 2014 and participated in those later on. During the same Games Masha was the District’s Head coach and led an amazing team of players towards outstanding results for the first time in many years of District’s history. In addition to that, the team’s spirit and athlete’s support brought our District’s team the sportsmanship award.
    • Two other players recently qualified for the first ever Ontario Summer Games 2016. We are very proud of you, girls, and wish you good luck this summer!
    • Two players, who joined our club only in September and did not even know the basics of badminton, by May of the same badminton season qualified for OFSAA.
    • Over the course of these years, our team participated in a multitude of badminton tournaments, beginning with local, District level tournaments, and all the way up to the high performance level. From as early as a second year of the club’s existence, our members started winning local tournaments and pursued training towards other levels badminton athlete’s development.

But most of all……..


Every class for us is not just the hard work. It is a time to spend and share it all with the best friends and have fun. We spend holidays together, we go camping, we go the movies, we support and care about each other, and we always want only more of all of that.



This year, for our year-end party we invite all our current and former players, as well as our alumni! We will be happy to see you all and share what we missed since we’ve seen you last.

Join us:

Friday, June 10th, 2016


Denne Public School 

330 Burford St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6L1

Favourite Badminton Club’s team

P.S. If you are a former student of our club, please, let us know ahead of time if you are coming – we want to have enough pizza for all!.;)

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