Sad news at Favourite

It has been six fun years at Favourite Badminton Club. We trained great athletes and met a lot of new friends. But just like all good things come to an end, it is time for Favourite’s coaches to say goodbye to all their wonderful students.

I am sad to announce that Favourite Badminton Club will no longer exist after the end of the season 2016-2017

Favourite Badminton Club Coaches

It was a pleasure for all of our coaches to be a part of Favourite’s team and we are all proud of the things that we’ve done over the years. Here are just a few of our achievements:

We were the first to:

  • Teach kids in the Aurora / Newmarket area the proper badminton techniques.
  • Train the athletes of Aurora, Newmarket, and Bradford, whose qualification was not only sufficient to compete in the Ontario Winter Games, but who actually made it to the team and represented Georgian Bay District Badminton Association (GBDBA) at the 2014 Ontario Winter Games.
  • Introduce structured badminton at Newmarket and Bradford Community Centres.

Our coaches:

  • Successfully completed National Coaching Certification Program: Julia Rositsan and Yuriy Brozdnychenko – Level 1, Masha Zakharenkova – Level 2.
  • Successfully completed Badminton Course Conductor Certification: Masha Zakharenkova – Level 1.
  • Yuriy Brozdnychenko: Successfully completed Line Judging certification and worked as a Line Judge during the PanAm Games 2015.
  • Masha Zakharenkova:
    • Coached the team of Georgian Bay District’s Badminton Association (GBDBA) at the Ontario Winter Games 2014.
    • Was recognized by the Town of Newmarket as a valued contributor to the development of the sport and represented the community as a Torchbearer at the PanAm Games 2015.
    • Contributed to the development of other local badminton teams and organizations:
      • St. Andrew’s College’s Badminton Team.
      • Pickering College’s Badminton Team.
    • Contributed to the development of non-local badminton organizations and teams:
      • Badminton Ontario.
      • Federation of Badminton Clubs.

Our students:

  • Participated in local, District-level, and provincial-level tournaments.
  • For a number of years came first and represented most of the Aurora and Newmarket schools’ badminton teams.
  • Became friends on a court and carried these relationships outside of badminton gym.

What we are most proud of:

All the friends that we got and the times that we spent with them during all these years

We hope to continue meeting you in the future at badminton tournaments, at parks and campgrounds in a summer time, while skating and skiing in the winter, and everywhere else where we used to have fun in the past. We loved every day that we spent with our students and badminton friends and will remember them forever.


And now… Back to the GOOD NEWS!.:)

Year-end / Season-end / Favourite-end Pizza Party!

Come and celebrate with us! If you are a former Favourite student, please, join us for a year-end celebration on Friday, June 9, 2017 at Denne Public School 7-9pm. As always, we will have pizza, cake, and badminton.

Let’s have fun and enjoy each other’s company on the last night of badminton season 2016-2017!*

*Please, let us know if you are coming so we have enough food for all of our guests by emailing:


And finally…

I would like to mention that Favourite Badminton Club’s coaches still continue helping local and other communities with training and developing of badminton. If you need help with preparation of your team for the upcoming tournament, private badminton lessons, training coaches for schools, etc., we are open to these opportunities.;)

Please, stay in touch and/or send your inquiries to:


Masha Zakharenkova, Favourite Badminton Head Coach