Favourite Badminton Club is a great environment for youth to develop – no matter what their goals are.  My two sons, now 18, who have played numerous sports throughout their youth, trained at Favourite extensively in Grade 11, and I have found Masha to be the best coach we have ever experienced in any sport.  She has an excellent combination of technical skills and personal ability to connect with athletes, which enabled my sons to achieve their rather ambitious athletic goals.   At the same time she has a very relaxed, positive non-pressure approach to competition at high levels that is refreshing in contrast to the many rep coaches we had experienced in the past in other sports.  She has a ready smile and laugh, and her love of the game is infectious.  She gives generously to her athletes and to the sport; she is a great role model for athletes and coaches, and helps her athletes develop personally as well as athletically.  I couldn’t recommend Masha and Favourite Badminton Club more highly!