Whitby Tournament – December 3&4, 2016

Whitby Tournament is scheduled for December 3&4, 2016

This Junior badminton tournament is a NON-SANCTIONED badminton event. It is, however, advertised as Junior B, since this is how it was called in the past and because the participation rules are very similar as well. But! If you are after ranking, this is not the tournament where you will be getting any points. Participation in this tournament also does not require you to have a competitive membership (B). However, if you’d like to participate in it, the major requirement is that, if you do participate in Junior B tournaments, your total points should not exceed 3500 (the same requirement as if you were playing in sanctioned Junior B tournament).

For those, who hasn’t participated in this tournament before, but did participate in other, local tournaments, I would highly recommend it, since it is, in my opinion, a “stepping stone” for you towards future performance in sanctioned events. Organization of this tournament is exceptional and atmosphere in the gym is always pleasant.

A few notes:

  • This is a doubles and singles tournament.
  • You need the card to participate in it, but it will not be a competitive one (no payment required – you only need the number).
  • Age groups U13&U17 play on Saturday, December 3rd, and U15&U19 play on Sunday, December 4th.
  • Unlike Junior B tournaments, you will get to play more than two matches (if you are losing) in each event you sign up for.
  • Registration deadline: November 23rd.

For additional information or to register, please go to:

Masha Zakharenkova,
Favourite Badminton Club, Head Coach